Are Digital Marketers Putting Their Health at Risk?

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Neck, shoulder, back and hip pain from bad posture is not exclusive to the content marketing profession.

But since the 98% of our time is spent in front of our laptops, smartphones and tablets, it’s a risk that doesn’t receive the attention it should.

Today, I launched an article series over on LinkedIn that aims to start a discussion on this topic and offer some actionable tips digital marketing professionals can use to prevent or manage pain brought on by hunching over and sitting too much.

Here’s a quick excerpt:

When I was still in my late 20s and starting out in my copywriting career, it wasn’t something I spent much time thinking about. My mentality was “that stuff is for old people, I don’t need to concern myself with posture and whether my head is properly aligned with my spine.”

Oh how a little pain and some frank discussions can change your mind!

Read the full article on my LinkedIn profile…

While tech provides us a lot of flexibility, it also leads to much inflexibility for our muscles… Click To Tweet

I’ll be working on the first section on posture over the next few weeks. It will be posted on my LinkedIn profile, but I’ll also announce it here…

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