Why You Shouldn’t Stress About Low Readership on your Business Blog

It’s a cycle I’ve seen a million times – you start a blog for your business and feverishly post new content on a regular basis. After doing this for a few months, you expect your company’s blog to be teeming with traffic. Upon reviewing the data though, you’re disappointed to find that you’re only receiving a fraction of the traffic you think you should be. After reviewing the data, you start feeling depressed and soon abandon your blog. However, while it’s tempting to just throw in the Continue Reading

Why Keywords Are Not As Important As You May Think

Keywords, keywords, keywords… It seems like that’s the only thing people think about when writing for their website. “If I pepper enough keywords throughout my blog post, I will automatically appear on page 1 if someone types that phrase into a Google search, right?” If you’re one of many businesses out there trying to figure out how to build strong search rankings and garner leads through your website, you’ve likely encountered a litany of articles talking about the importance of keywords Continue Reading

How a Luddite Learned to Appreciate Inbound Marketing

I’ll admit it – I have a love/hate relationship with technology. While it can be handy at times, I get awfully frustrated when something isn’t going right. Computer freezes up? I’m banging my fist on the desk. When the phone does something I didn’t intend to do? I have a sudden urge to throw it across the room. That’s right – someone who bills himself as a content/inbound marketer really doesn’t like technology very much. I really enjoy days that I don’t have to get on the computer or Continue Reading

The Perils of Working on an Empty Stomach

Now that I’m in my mid-30s, I try and pay attention to what I eat. My wife and I take special care to eat fresh meals and avoid anything that is “processed.” Besides the what, we also try our best to eat when we need to. Trying to sleep when I’ve got a hole in my stomach is next to impossible for me. Study upon study has shown how not eating has terrible consequences for your physical health. However, an increasing body of evidence shows that hunger also affects your brain and your ability Continue Reading

Why I Love Using Diigo to Keep Track of My Links

You don’t need me to tell you – the web is literally stuffed with all kinds of interesting articles, videos, podcasts and blogs on just about anything imaginable. When you begin researching a given topic, it can be easy to pile up 10-12 different webpages containing insightful content. Nowhere is this more true than in the online marketing and freelance copywriting profession – every day, we wake up and browse our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds and find all kinds of wonderful tips on everything Continue Reading

Are Digital Marketers Putting Their Health at Risk?

Neck, shoulder, back and hip pain from bad posture is not exclusive to the content marketing profession. But since the 98% of our time is spent in front of our laptops, smartphones and tablets, it’s a risk that doesn’t receive the attention it should. Today, I launched an article series over on LinkedIn that aims to start a discussion on this topic and offer some actionable tips digital marketing professionals can use to prevent or manage pain brought on by hunching over and sitting too Continue Reading

Welcome to “Under the Old Oak”

Welcome to the official blog of Nathan Williams and Charter Oak Consulting, LLC. Based in Tallahassee, Florida, I help businesses establish their online roots and tell their story through engaging and informative content. Of course, this is just one piece of a complex puzzle. Working as a web copywriter since 2008, I’ve witnessed significant development in the web marketing industry over last 7+ years. Organizations can no longer just post random, keyword-rich content and expect results. Continue Reading