My Top 5 Web Marketing Articles for Late May

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Hi ho, hi ho – it’s time for the top 5 again!

It’s been a whirlwind month, but as always, I’ve been busy reading and compiling useful articles I find on content marketing, copywriting, SEO and more.

In addition to this daily research, I’m still working on the Online Marketing Superstars book. Only 60 pages to go!!

My plan is to provide a comprehensive review and summary of the book so you can get its main points without having to read all 310 pages.

Anyway, that should be coming up in late June or early July. In the meantime, feast yourself on all of these insightful and actionable pieces from experts around the web.

#1 – 5 Steps to Getting Started with a Content Marketing Strategy

Getting started is probably the biggest challenge of just about anything. Does the lawn need mowing? Do you need to develop a content marketing strategy to ensure your business can benefit from content marketing? Incredibly, only 44% of B2B marketers have a documented content strategy. To develop one for your site, there are 5 critical steps to ensuring you develop a plan that is practical, useful and flexible. Read more…

#2 – Content Marketing: Measuring results, tracking ROI and generating leads

Although many companies are jumping on the content marketing bandwagon, very few understand how to determine if these efforts are paying off. Compounding this problem is an avalanche of data at your disposal – digesting this information can be a full-time job in of itself. CMI founder Joe Pulizzi and SAP Senior Director Michael Brenner recently outlined three tiers for tracking goals: creator-level, manager-level and director-level metrics. Read more…

Charter Oak blog image 05-22-15                                                                           Courtesy of Marketing Sherpa

#3 – How to Write Content that Engages Mobile Readers

You may think that responsive design is all you need to worry about when it comes to mobile compatibility. How you write for mobile users is every bit as important since mobile users do not read in the F-shaped pattern that is typical for desktop users. Since web users are increasingly going mobile, you need to ensure your copy is compatible for those devices. Author Neil Patel suggests you develop a more concise headline and put your most valuable content at the top among other things. Read more…

Your headline doesn’t need to take up several screens of space. Short and sweet are better. Click To Tweet

#4 – Supercharge #SEO With These 6 WordPress Plugins

When it comes to optimizing our sites for the search engines, most of us are left clueless beyond the generic “create content” mantra. Fortunately, there are plugins we can install on our WordPress sites to help us take care of many of these necessary tasks. These plugins help you ensure your blog or landing page includes all of the necessary tags, while others help you boost your site’s load speed and more. Read more…

#5 – 5 Ways to Do Less and Get More Done

We all want to, and have to, get things done. But in the rush to accomplish our goals, we sometimes lose sight of other important things in life, like our families. Writing for Entrepreneur Magazine, CMO Sara Varni explains steps she took to boost her career while opening more time with her family. She explains how you should plan ahead, block out time to get things done and outsource things both in business and at home. Read more…

Well, that wraps up my top 5 review for the last part of May. In addition to the book review, I’m also still researching for my posture article over on LinkedIn. I hope to prepare the first draft sometime this week. Once it’s up, I will let everyone know!

In the meantime, have a great week!

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