5 Reasons You Should NOT Hire a Content Mill

If you’re a business who needs to develop your web presence, one of the first things you will discover is you need to have content, and lots of it. Blog posts, articles, FAQs, video demos – you name it. But in order to build search rankings and drive more leads to your business, you need to have a consistent content creation schedule. The problem is you don’t have time to write 3 blog posts a week and a comprehensive e-book, so you consider how to get this done without straining your Continue Reading

Are Digital Marketers Putting Their Health at Risk?

Neck, shoulder, back and hip pain from bad posture is not exclusive to the content marketing profession. But since the 98% of our time is spent in front of our laptops, smartphones and tablets, it’s a risk that doesn’t receive the attention it should. Today, I launched an article series over on LinkedIn that aims to start a discussion on this topic and offer some actionable tips digital marketing professionals can use to prevent or manage pain brought on by hunching over and sitting too Continue Reading

My Top 5 Web Marketing Articles for the Week

It’s that time again – I’ve been busy reading and compiling, and think I’ve finally arrived at a top 5. There’s so much information out there that it can get dizzying, especially for small, local companies who are swamped enough with, you know, running their businesses. Continue reading for my top 5 web marketing articles for the week ending April 3rd!! #1 - When Concise Marketing Copy Converts Better It’s a never ending question for web copywriters – how long should my page be? It used Continue Reading

My Top 5 Web Marketing Articles for the Week

Each Friday, I aim to publish a list of the top 5 articles I’ve read for the week. Anyone who has spent five minutes browsing tips on how to write engaging copy or how to build prominence online can tell you about the tidal wave of information that’s out there. There’s so much, it’s often overwhelming… I hope this top 5 list can help small business owners, small-time copywriters and content marketers cut through the noise and pinpoint information they can apply to their web marketing Continue Reading

Welcome to “Under the Old Oak”

Welcome to the official blog of Nathan Williams and Charter Oak Consulting, LLC. Based in Tallahassee, Florida, I help businesses establish their online roots and tell their story through engaging and informative content. Of course, this is just one piece of a complex puzzle. Working as a web copywriter since 2008, I’ve witnessed significant development in the web marketing industry over last 7+ years. Organizations can no longer just post random, keyword-rich content and expect results. Continue Reading