Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars

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In prior posts, I’ve alluded to a book I’ve been reading entitled Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars. I’ve been promising for months that I would present a summary and review of this incredible compilation of the brightest minds in the online marketing industry.

Documenting each chapter will certainly be a long-term project as I’m already several months behind preparing this summary. I actually completed the book back in July 2015, so this is definitely a bit late J.

Online Marketing Superstars is divided into three main sections to help guide you through all of the various moving parts of marketing your business online. These sections include:

  1. Strategy, Conversion & Mindset
  2. Traffic
  3. Leveraging Apps

Strategy, Conversion & Mindset

Chapter 1 – The New Rainmaker

In this chapter, Brian Clark, CEO of Copyblogger Media, explains how the key to smart business in today’s world is to provide the best deal at the highest value possible while working toward your personal goals. In the past, rainmakers typically had family connections or other advantages over ordinary people. Today’s advantage though is based on the ability to attract, engage and maintain an audience. Learn more about becoming a rainmaker in your industry here.

New chapters will be added as I complete the review. Check back often, or grab yourself a copy of the book to learn more.

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