20 Essential Online Marketing Resources – November Edition

Good day – it’s been quite some time since my last update. Been keeping busy with various projects, but that hasn’t stopped me from seeing the latest and greatest from the online marketing sphere. Finding reliable, actionable information about SEO, content marketing, copywriting, social media and web conversions can be daunting. My goal with this post and others like it is to help you cut through the noise. Below is a list of articles, videos and infographics I have seen over the last Continue Reading

15 Absolute Must Reads for Web Marketers in September

Ah, September is finally here! I can already feel the tinge of fall in the air. It’s been a red hot summer here in Florida to say the least. Compounding this problem is the fact our A/C unit broke not once, not twice, but three times over the summer!! In any event, we’re all crossing our fingers for another quiet hurricane season. We’re right in the midst of it, but so far so good. Anyway, aside from the following pieces I’ve caught over the course of August and September, I’ve started Continue Reading

How a Luddite Learned to Appreciate Inbound Marketing

I’ll admit it – I have a love/hate relationship with technology. While it can be handy at times, I get awfully frustrated when something isn’t going right. Computer freezes up? I’m banging my fist on the desk. When the phone does something I didn’t intend to do? I have a sudden urge to throw it across the room. That’s right – someone who bills himself as a content/inbound marketer really doesn’t like technology very much. I really enjoy days that I don’t have to get on the computer or Continue Reading

My Top 5 Web Marketing Articles for Early June

Well, it’s early June and it’s getting hot. The pavement is sizzling and the afternoon thunderstorms are rolling in. What better way to beat the heat than hang out in the A/C and read articles about copywriting, content marketing, SEO and more? Besides my general day-to-day reading, I’ve also been busy trying to finish the Online Marketing Superstars book. I’m hoping to complete the book here in the next week – only 60 pages to go!! I’m also busy preparing my article series on posture and Continue Reading

My Top 5 Web Marketing Articles for Late May

Hi ho, hi ho – it’s time for the top 5 again! It’s been a whirlwind month, but as always, I’ve been busy reading and compiling useful articles I find on content marketing, copywriting, SEO and more. In addition to this daily research, I’m still working on the Online Marketing Superstars book. Only 60 pages to go!! My plan is to provide a comprehensive review and summary of the book so you can get its main points without having to read all 310 pages. Anyway, that should be coming up Continue Reading

My Top 5 Web Marketing Articles for Early May

Let’s see – it’s been a couple of weeks since my last top 5 list, but never fear, I’m still here and reading all sorts of interesting insights from the industry’s top minds. A quick update on my progress with the Online Marketing Superstars book – I’m getting closer, but between spending time on my LinkedIn profile, finishing up assignments for my clients and connecting with prospective clients, my day gets pretty full pretty fast. With that being said, the chapter on Pintrest and how Continue Reading

My Top 5 Web Marketing Articles for the Week

Each Friday, I aim to publish a list of the top 5 articles I’ve read for the week. Anyone who has spent five minutes browsing tips on how to write engaging copy or how to build prominence online can tell you about the tidal wave of information that’s out there. There’s so much, it’s often overwhelming… I hope this top 5 list can help small business owners, small-time copywriters and content marketers cut through the noise and pinpoint information they can apply to their web marketing Continue Reading