20 Essential Online Marketing Resources – November Edition

Good day – it’s been quite some time since my last update. Been keeping busy with various projects, but that hasn’t stopped me from seeing the latest and greatest from the online marketing sphere. Finding reliable, actionable information about SEO, content marketing, copywriting, social media and web conversions can be daunting. My goal with this post and others like it is to help you cut through the noise. Below is a list of articles, videos and infographics I have seen over the last Continue Reading

My Top 5 Web Marketing Articles for Mid-July

It’s been too long since my last Top 5 post on June 29th. I took almost 10 days off at the beginning of the month and felt like I spent another week settling back in. Between other work obligations and my responsibilities at home, I haven’t been able to draft a Top 5 post when I should have. I know – excuses, excuses. I am happy to report though that I did complete the Online Marketing Superstars book I’ve been raving about and posting quotes on my Twitter feed. Anyway, I have the summary Continue Reading

My Top 5 Web Marketing Articles for Early June

Well, it’s early June and it’s getting hot. The pavement is sizzling and the afternoon thunderstorms are rolling in. What better way to beat the heat than hang out in the A/C and read articles about copywriting, content marketing, SEO and more? Besides my general day-to-day reading, I’ve also been busy trying to finish the Online Marketing Superstars book. I’m hoping to complete the book here in the next week – only 60 pages to go!! I’m also busy preparing my article series on posture and Continue Reading

Why You Should Never Post Your Blog Draft On the Same Day

You’ve spent half your day or more pouring over your draft jam packed with 2000+ words of valuable information for your target audience. It has sub-headings, bullet lists, two graphs and a picture. You plan on including a video eventually too… You’re eager to get it on your blog ASAP. I understand the urge – you’re ready to share your masterpiece with the world. So you open up Wordpress, upload it and hit publish. You then proceed to draft up a robust social media update and post it on Continue Reading