Why Keywords Are Not As Important As You May Think

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Photo Courtesy of "imagerymagestic" and FreeDigitalPhotos.Net
Photo Courtesy of “imagerymagestic” and FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Keywords, keywords, keywords…

It seems like that’s the only thing people think about when writing for their website. “If I pepper enough keywords throughout my blog post, I will automatically appear on page 1 if someone types that phrase into a Google search, right?”

If you’re one of many businesses out there trying to figure out how to build strong search rankings and garner leads through your website, you’ve likely encountered a litany of articles talking about the importance of keywords and how to research them. It’s likely you’ve read so much about it that you’re confused.

I hope to help you clear up this misunderstanding…

Many web writers, especially ones with little experience, can easily become too focused on including a sufficient number of keywords in the articles, blogs and landing pages they’re preparing.

The problem is they end up developing copy that sounds choppy and unreadable.

In the early days of SEO, this strategy worked. Simply prepare a generic piece loaded with keywords and like magic, your site would achieve high search engine rankings.

As the profession and search engines become more sophisticated though, they have been on the lookout for sites trying to rely on keywords too much.

Now there are many keyword techniques that are completely valid, but your first priority should focus on the reader’s experience and not satisfying the search engine. Google, Bing and others have also become quite adept at determining the value a particular blog or webpage delivers to the user.

If the page doesn’t deliver value, it won’t rank as high as one that does.

In my time working with an SEO company, it seemed to me that there was an over-emphasis on having keywords in a blog post’s title. While including a keyword in a headline does provide clues on what your blog post or page is about, it’s not the holy grail of achieving high search rankings.

The holy grail over the long-term is to develop resources that help your audience address their pain points and find answers to their questions (…in relation to your product or service). That is, focus on delivering value and the search engines AND your customers will reward you.

Are keywords important?

Absolutely, but you have to put them in proper perspective and only use them in a natural way and not as a tactic.

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