Help Rather Than Hype is the Key to Smart Marketing Online

Chapter 2 review of Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars CEO, author and keynote speaker Jay Baer doesn’t mince words in his opening statements in Chapter 2 of Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars. If you’ve been around very long, you understand that online marketing isn’t as easy as it first seems. Because of increasing competition, marketing today is much harder than in years’ past, and will only continue to get harder. It’s easy to understand why Jay says Continue Reading

Become a Rainmaker by Creating Marketing that People Actually Want

Chapter 1 review of Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars Brian Clark’s journey from an overworked attorney to CEO of Copyblogger Media is an inspiring story of how a person can forge their own career path. Brian uses the analogy of a “rainmaker,” which historically is connected to the Native Americans and a medicine man sort of figure. If there was a drought for example, the rainmaker was seen as someone who could literally make it rain. In modern business, the rainmaker is a Continue Reading

Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars

In prior posts, I’ve alluded to a book I’ve been reading entitled Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars. I’ve been promising for months that I would present a summary and review of this incredible compilation of the brightest minds in the online marketing industry. Documenting each chapter will certainly be a long-term project as I’m already several months behind preparing this summary. I actually completed the book back in July 2015, so this is definitely a bit late J. Online Continue Reading

Why You Shouldn’t Stress About Low Readership on your Business Blog

It’s a cycle I’ve seen a million times – you start a blog for your business and feverishly post new content on a regular basis. After doing this for a few months, you expect your company’s blog to be teeming with traffic. Upon reviewing the data though, you’re disappointed to find that you’re only receiving a fraction of the traffic you think you should be. After reviewing the data, you start feeling depressed and soon abandon your blog. However, while it’s tempting to just throw in the Continue Reading

5 Proven Tactics that Will Exponentially Improve Your Copywriting

Recently, I had the pleasure of watching another webinar from Marketing Experiments about copywriting. I particularly enjoy their webinars for a variety of reasons – one, they’re based in my home state of Florida, so I’m always a sucker for supporting people in my local area. Next, their presentation is always very engaging. Best of all, they back their claims up with hard evidence of what works and what doesn’t. Combine data with their general expertise on landing page copy and value Continue Reading

20 Essential Online Marketing Resources – November Edition

Good day – it’s been quite some time since my last update. Been keeping busy with various projects, but that hasn’t stopped me from seeing the latest and greatest from the online marketing sphere. Finding reliable, actionable information about SEO, content marketing, copywriting, social media and web conversions can be daunting. My goal with this post and others like it is to help you cut through the noise. Below is a list of articles, videos and infographics I have seen over the last Continue Reading

Why Keywords Are Not As Important As You May Think

Keywords, keywords, keywords… It seems like that’s the only thing people think about when writing for their website. “If I pepper enough keywords throughout my blog post, I will automatically appear on page 1 if someone types that phrase into a Google search, right?” If you’re one of many businesses out there trying to figure out how to build strong search rankings and garner leads through your website, you’ve likely encountered a litany of articles talking about the importance of keywords Continue Reading

15 Absolute Must Reads for Web Marketers in September

Ah, September is finally here! I can already feel the tinge of fall in the air. It’s been a red hot summer here in Florida to say the least. Compounding this problem is the fact our A/C unit broke not once, not twice, but three times over the summer!! In any event, we’re all crossing our fingers for another quiet hurricane season. We’re right in the midst of it, but so far so good. Anyway, aside from the following pieces I’ve caught over the course of August and September, I’ve started Continue Reading

How a Luddite Learned to Appreciate Inbound Marketing

I’ll admit it – I have a love/hate relationship with technology. While it can be handy at times, I get awfully frustrated when something isn’t going right. Computer freezes up? I’m banging my fist on the desk. When the phone does something I didn’t intend to do? I have a sudden urge to throw it across the room. That’s right – someone who bills himself as a content/inbound marketer really doesn’t like technology very much. I really enjoy days that I don’t have to get on the computer or Continue Reading